Resources on eIndexes

The Digital Publications Indexing Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing provides the resources from the presentation “How to be the Interface between Publishers and Digital Indexing Techniques” by Terry Casey, Jan Wright, and Pilar Wyman and presented at the ASI Conference, Cleveland, OH on 28 April 28 2018.
It includes the following pdf files:

  • Benefits of eIndexes
  • Questions for Indexers to Ask Clients (Authors/Publishers)
  • Matrix Flowcharts of Software Tools, Processes, and Outputs

Indexes in Ebooks and Embedded Indexing

The Digital Publications Indexing SIG co-organized a meeting along with the New England Chapter of ASI and Bookbuilders of Boston, held Thursday evening, April 5, 2018. Read Heather Hedden’s blog post about it:
The slides of Stephen Ingle’s presentation “Indexes for Digital Publications: ‘The Battle of the Books’,”: