‘Catalogue and Index’ September 2018 issue

The September 2018 issue of ‘Catalogue and Index’, is a special issue on indexing. This periodical is published by the Cataloguing and Indexing Group, a Special Interest Group of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals).
You can download a PDF of the whole issue or individual articles at https://www.cilip.org.uk/members/group_content_view.asp?group=201298&id=760736


  • FAST forward? By Alan Danskin
  • Methodologies for classifying repositories, by Robert T. Kasenchak
  • Subject indexing in a repository, by Clare Playforth
  • History of index creation, by Helen Bilton
  • Comedic indexes, by Paula Clarke Bain
  • Foundation of the Society of Indexers, by Rosemary Dear
  • Directions in indexing, by Pilar Wyman
  • Changed needed in the subject index, by Liz Antell
  • Online language classification, by Lucile Deslignères
  • Machine translation, by Lynne Bowker
  • Retrospective cataloguing Case study, by Max Zanotti
  • CILIP Conference 2018 report, by Lynn Thorn
  • Letters & responses

Resources on eIndexes

The Digital Publications Indexing Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing provides the resources from the presentation “How to be the Interface between Publishers and Digital Indexing Techniques” by Terry Casey, Jan Wright, and Pilar Wyman and presented at the ASI Conference, Cleveland, OH on 28 April 28 2018.
It includes the following pdf files:

  • Benefits of eIndexes
  • Questions for Indexers to Ask Clients (Authors/Publishers)
  • Matrix Flowcharts of Software Tools, Processes, and Outputs


Marnie Lamb talk on indexing – YouTube video posted by the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC), Toronto branch

At the March 2014 EAC Toronto branch meeting, Marnie Lamb talks to editors about the often mysterious art of indexing. How does an indexer decide which terms to include? What are the mechanics of creating an index? What type of reader uses an index? Lamb discusses these questions in the context of her experience indexing Michael Bryant’s 28 Seconds, the memoir of a well-known — and controversial — Canadian politician.
View the video: