Everyone’s Guide to South African Law (4th Edition)

by A. Anderson, A. Dodd and M. Roos

The law affects us all, and even your most basic day-to-day choices and actions have legal implications. Yet few people have much knowledge of the law or understand complicated legal terminology – and lawyers’ fees are beyond many people’s reach. This book will provide you with the necessary information on a wide range of legal issues that may impact on your daily life – at work, in the home, on the road, in the marketplace, and in the courtroom.

Written by experts specifically for the layperson, the book’s everyday language is free of obscure legal jargon. It is easily understandable, informative and essential for each and every household in South Africa. What’s new in the 4th edition? This new edition includes new or expanded information on the law in a digital age, developments in property law, new procedures for DNA and other forensic samples, the law applying to sport, rights to education and protection from harassment as well as the protection of your personal information.

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