Marikana Unresolved – The Massacre, Culpability and Consequences

edited by Mia Swart and Ylva Rodny-Gumede

The Marikana massacre of 16 August 2012, during which 34 miners on strike were shot and killed by police at the Lonmin Mine in South Africa’s North West province, remains a scar in the tissue of this newly democratic country. Several years after the massacre, and despite a lengthy commission of enquiry into the events around that date, there has still been no satisfactory political or legal accountability.

Marikana Unresolved is a collection of chapters focused on the unsolved question of accountability for the massacre. It provides a cross-disciplinary account of what really happened, how the event has affected the current South African socio-political landscape and how it has changed public discourse on the mining sector, the labour market and national reconciliation. Written by highly regarded scholars and practitioners, it looks at the massacre from the perspectives of law, philosophy, media, politics, economics and public governance.

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