Balancing Multiple Mandates: The Changing Roles of Science Councils in South Africa

by Glenda Kruss, Genevieve Haupt, Azinga Tele and Rushil Ranchod

Science councils have been tasked with complex new mandates. To achieve these they have to interact with knowledge users in the private and public sectors and be of benefit to communities, particularly to those that are vulnerable and marginalised. What are the diverse forms of interaction in science councils with distinct legacies, what are the diverse forms of partners and what are their outcomes? What are some of the successful strategic policy interventions, organisational structures and internal incentive mechanisms that science councils have created to channel and promote these interactions? Questions such as these are addressed in this timely and groundbreaking research as it investigates how scientists interact with actors in the informal sector, social development and community spaces, alongside their role in technology development for industry and government actors. Balancing multiple mandates: The changing role of science councils in South Africa is an important study – building an evidence base to inform the contribution of science councils to innovation, poverty reduction and inclusive economic development in South Africa.

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