Academic Literacy

by J. Underhill, C. Dube, et al.

Academic literacy is an essential tool to support the achievement of academic goals which in turn will lead to the accomplishment of personal and career goals. Academic literacy covers all the necessary academic skills and competencies for constructive and successful study. Not only is the focus on reading, writing, listening and verbal communication, but also on developing your thinking skills, possibly the core skill needed at this level of study. Other skills that the learner will be exposed to are: Understanding and engaging in academic study; developing vocabulary; reading for study purposes; argument; paraphrasing and summarising; writing paragraphs; assignment writing, and examination skills. Academic literacy will assist you in coping with the reading and writing demands of further and higher education. You will also be guided to be more knowledgeable about yourself, your aspirations, career goals, and how to manage your time and stress more effectively.

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