“Indexing Names” edited by Noeline Bridge

Bought a copy of “Indexing Names” a while back and loving it. Here’s the introduction:
“Don’t be deceived into thinking names are easy to index! They can present a challenge that consumes a disproportionate amount of an indexer’s time. Now there is a book wholly devoted to the subject. Coverage includes names from classical and medieval times and those belonging to particular ethnicities and nationalities, along with those peculiar to specific genres, especially biography, religion, and the performance and fine arts. Fictional, corporate, and geographical names as well as those of royalty and nobility are discussed. You’ll find advice on when and how to index names mentioned in peripheral ways and guidance in avoiding the pitfalls of automated name indexing.”
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Adobe Reader

I discovered a very simple but useful setting on Adobe Reader. Go to Edit/Preferences/Documents and tick ‘Restore last view settings when reopening documents’. Now, when I reopen a document it takes me to the last place I’ve been and displayed in the same size. Brilliant.

BIM Indexing and Proofreading Services: Bookshop scene

I love this explanation of the value of indexes by BIM Indexing and Proofreading Services:

That woman over there, by the Psychology section, is leafing through the very last pages of a book she just grabbed off the shelf. I know what she’s looking at. She seems pleased to find the information that she wants in the book as she turns to the page where the index directed her…